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NCR Silver POS Reviews 2023 Pricing, Features, Pros vs Cons

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Flexa makes it possible to make cash, credit, and debit transactions faster. Flexa can connect directly to your existing payment infrastructure via a variety of middleware providers and processors. For custom integrations, we also offer SDK options and API options. Your customers have the option to pay in any currency they choose.

Most also provide setup assistance, either as part of the package or for an extra fee. Vend POS checks most of the boxes small businesses are looking for when it comes to a point-of-sale solution. A solid feature set, support for multiple hardware platforms, including mobile devices, and a competitive price earn this platform our Editors’ Choice award. The system needs some sort of fix almost everyday, which could take 5 minutes or 3 hours. If you run a business that does a couple of transactions an hour you will be fine, but it you have, or hope to have any sort of volume I would look elsewhere. Also, their technology isn’t up to date…be sure you ask every single question and review other products before settling with this one.

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It can automatically authorize, settle, and manage transactions with just a few taps of a finger. Xero offers numerous avenues to meet merchants’ accounting needs. This app syncs with your bank account so you can automatically import transactions. From mom & pop restaurants to virtual kitchens & global chains, ItsaCheckmate is trusted by over 21K restaurants to integrate over a million online orders every day.

Wireless POS systems give retailers and staff the flexibility to conduct transactions anywhere in the store and on the go—at a farmers market or beside a customer’s car. By now, it must be clear how point of sale systems contribute to the profitability of your organization. Investing in reliable POS software can make your business more flexible, cost-focused, save time and improve your relationship with customers. Utilizing this guide’s detailed information about standard benefits, features, trends and more, you can find a solution that best accomplishes your company’s objectives. If you’re buying hardware and software to use with various terminals, consider the price of terminals, licensing the product per terminal and credit card software for each terminal. To reduce the cost, you can also buy refurbished terminals or rent monthly and avoid certain peripherals like iPad stands or scanners.

NCR Silver Equipment

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is a simple-to-use but powerful total business solution, helping restaurateurs track sales, market to customers, and sell everywhere. If you run a table service restaurant, then NCR Silver Pro software is a great solution for your business. The innovative restaurant software can create custom floor layouts and offers advanced reporting features. Instantly update your menu prices and floor plans from anywhere at anytime.


It with Metrc, Potify and Weedmaps to help customers list in online dispensaries, plan pickups and deliveries and transfer compliance reports automatically. It integrates PayPoint with cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, MSRs and customer-facing displays. Hike provides a flexible point of sale system equipped with user-friendly functionalities and business management tools. Ideal for retail businesses, it offers a coherent inventory management system, secure payment options, hassle-free checkouts, time-saving automation, integrated eCommerce and more.

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It provides an interactive retail module that includes endless aisle and digital signage to enhance customer shopping experiences. Users can utilize its repair tracking module to assign work orders to service employees, track order and delivery processes, and set start and end dates for service requests. It integrates with several accounting packages to provide complete internal accounting support. It allows customization and configuration of operational screens to meet business needs. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows and supports NT and Novell environments. It serves retail businesses such as electronics, apparel, lifestyle, sporting goods and more.


An add-on named ‘NCR Console’ can do the trick for those who want extra reporting power. It allows you to integrate calendars, build sales intelligence, manage servers, auto-schedule, provide sales reports, forecast inventory, and more. NCR has a dedicated product for restaurants called NCR Silver Pro Restaurant. Customers’ wallets are the biggest winners with NCR Silver customer service; seven day phone and online support is included with every system purchase at no extra cost. It lets you view hourly and daily sales data to help you manage your staffing requirements. You can also see your best and worst selling items, and create quick reports to identify seasonal trends.

QuetzalQuetzal POS

The app allows you to process sales on mobile just as you would on an NCR register, and includes a catalog and inventory. The restaurant version looks more sophisticated, with the ability to manage employees as well as sales. To help evaluate each POS system, in each review we’ve included a SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Rating from a website called FinancesOnline, which evaluates financial solutions. 7shifts is a powerful platform that gives you the ability to focus on your customers by freeing up manager’s precious time. Easy, customizable restaurant scheduling software empowers restaurants of all sizes to simplify their team management.

Best POS system 2022: Which is right for you? – ZDNet

Best POS system 2022: Which is right for you?.

Posted: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

AnyConnector has standardized these data formats and developed the integrations, so you get all the data you need without having to develop custom integrations. Push Operations is a cloud based employee management system made for restaurants. Payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, HR management and onboarding. Pick the components of the platform your business needs to tailor your employee management system to you. Flexa is the fastest and most secure payment network in the world.

We found and examined 25 different POS providers that offer wireless solutions. We then narrowed those brands down to our top five by examining what we thought were the most relevant use cases and essential features that businesses may need in a wireless POS system. These features included mobile processing options, available hardware, and software integrations.

SpotOn is an all-in-one, xero courses in melbourne-based, point of sale solution that offers marketing and payroll services, loyalty programs, customer management, and more. Its employee management module enables businesses to manage human resource operations such as shifts, employee hours and gratuities. Managers and executives can gain insights into processes related to transactions, special events, hourly sales, POS and loyalty campaigns. It integrates with third-party developers to streamline work efficiency. It also provides hardware such as card readers, monitors and printers.

We’re here to help you get organized, and get your finances, team, and business premises up and rolling. Cohesion for Restaurants – This app creates packets of sales data from your POS to be sent to QBO. The packets can be reviewed for accuracy and approved before being posted to QBO. E-commerce – Shopify is the most widely used POS system for online sales.

With NCR Silver, integrations and add-ons can help you streamline accounting, manage staff,process mobile orders, and more. Some integrations include Xero, QuickBooks, LevelUp, and PayChex. You can even add weight scales and a range of other hardware integrations that improve the way you conduct business with your customers. Today’s robust POS systems are more than just about taking payments.

NCR has a “shop now” section of its website that will ask you questions to walk you through finding the right fit. If you prefer a dedicated display screen in the kitchen for your staff to work from, NCR offers a kitchen display module at an additional cost. It’s powered by a separate iOS app and sends orders directly to the kitchen.

The cloud facilitates online data storage and processing, avoiding the need for servers or skilled IT staff to maintain the services. If you have a robust internet provider, then a cloud model is an ideal option for your business. Point of sale systems serve as a centralized location for managing primary business components such as sales, inventory, purchases, employees and customers.


You can easily navigate through menus, and it takes no time to set up new products and items. You can mass-import menu items and other data to help speed the setup process – this is a secure platform to use. And while this is true, it’s also important to note that the software is physically installed and operated on a hardware system. In many ways, this can be considered a‘hybrid’ restaurant management solution.

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