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Bumble Confirms Advertisement Featuring Serena Williams Will Likely Air Through SuperBowl

Bumble affirmed that another offer featuring the most recent star partner Serena Williams will debut during first 1 / 2 of the SuperBowl.

Per AdWeek, Bumble teased a unique strategy aided by the playing tennis celebrity, admitting so it would coordinate making use of the SuperBowl, though it wasn’t clear if they happened to be planning to air an advertising while in the game, among most-watched yearly occasions in U.S. (plus one of the most expensive offer purchases). Bumble has confirmed their unique very first SuperBowl advertising will feature Serena Williams as well as their new strategy «golf ball is during Her legal.»

Bumble, a female-friendly matchmaking app, is actually serious about its female-empowerment goal. Over the past few years, the company provides debuted choices that attract especially to women, instance partnering with Moxy Hotels to provide BumbleSpot – verified places where Bumble users can fulfill for times, job networking, or possible brand new relationships – in an attempt to make secure spaces for females.

The ad with Williams will feature the woman surge to celeb, «not simply as a specialist tennis star but as an entrepreneur, character design, wife and mother,» based on AdWeek. The location was developed by a mostly feminine group and guided by A.V. Rockwell, an award-winning screenwriter and manager whose work deals with issues on race and oppression.

The message in the advertisement is to convince females to control their very own tales, something Bumble was excited about from debut of their dating software, providing females the power to really make the basic action.

In a teaser video when it comes down to SuperBowl offer, that’ll air February 3rd, Bumble provided a look of what to anticipate.

«we are living in some sort of and community in which people are just starting to see differently and just starting to keep in mind that we have been as powerful and just as smart and just as experienced and just as businesslike as another male these days,» Williams says at the camera, which then pans to their helping a basketball in a clear court. «and then it is the right time to arrive and inform our very own tale the way it ought to be informed.»

AdWeek pointed out that the female-forward Bumble advertisement strategy is actually unusual for a SuperBowl, basically these types of a male-dominated area, and more not likely that a mainly female staff would develop such a SuperBowl advertisement.

«There are plenty of women who tend to be prepared and enthusiastic [to be concerned inside ultra Bowl], and each girl involved [in Bumble’s area] had a whole lot enthusiasm,» Bumble primary brand name policeman Alexandra Williamson told AdWeek.

She continued to say: «People will see a special part to Serena if this ad goes live, and that I would attribute that to an all-female staff doing it.»

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